The Phoenix Merinos Members

All members are in South Africa’s top percentage of wool producers, with a medium wool with an average of 20 microns and below per clip and a 70% clean yield. The group average is 5.5 to 6 kilograms of wool per ewe per year.

(With regret, Dykie de Villiers has resigned from the Phoenix Merinos group, with immediate effect from 23 August 2017).

Our vision is to grow into an established Merino brand, that offers farmers 150 quality rams and ewes at our sales twice a year.

Johann Minnaar of the 10 000ha Groenvlei who farms with 2000 Merino ewes, 50% of which are stud, explains how Phoenix Merinos came about:

“Once we started buying rams together from Wellwood, the next logical step was to explore the possibility of selling our progeny together. This happened quite naturally as we value the same qualities in our sheep: fertility, good conformation and a definite emphasis on the quality and quantity of wool.”

“In addition to a ram’s conformation and wool quality, his character is important – his personality, attitude, the way he walks. It makes a difference.” - Robert Rubidge